Education Bridge For Afghanistan

Teacher (Maths, Trigonometry, Geometry)

Date Posted: Friday, September 23, 2022 Vacancy Number: EBA-8 Maths
Deadline: Tuesday, September 27, 2022 Employment Type: Full Time
Vacacies: 1 Gender: Male / Female
Functional Area: Education Nationality: Afghanistani
Salary : As per organisation's salary scale Experience: At least two years of teaching maths and trigonometry subjects
Contract Duration : 1 year Contract Type: Fixed term
Probation Period: 2 Months Job Location: Kabul

About Afghanistan Education Bridge:

Education Bridge for Afghanistan (EBA) is a non-profit charitable organisation that was created by some educated people and intellectuals inside and outside of Afghanistan in order to create unlimited education for children and adolescents, especially for girls and women. This institution currently has a head office in the UK and an office in Kabul-Afghanistan. By starting the Afghan Girls Access To Education (AGATE) project, EBA provides the online educational platform to girls so that they can continue their education through enrollment in the AGATE online school from anywhere in Afghanistan.

EBA is also active in the field of online education in professional education and language courses. The official website is the gateway to all EBA educational programs.

In order to advance its online school, EBA needs experienced and professional teachers to cooperate in the advancement of lessons on various topics.

The work area of ​​teachers generally includes creating lesson plans, producing teaching materials (videos/presentations), answering students' questions through the Google Classrooms, evaluating students and reporting to the relevant supervisor.

Educational background:

Graduated from (Mathematics) at one of the Diploma (Darol-Moalemeen), bachelor's degree or master's degree level. Bachelor’s and Master’s degree holders are preferred. 


Experience of at least two years in the field of teaching Mathematics at school and also experience of online teaching is an advantage.

Other important needs:

1.       Ability to effectively use the Internet and search.

2.       Knowledge and experience of working in Ms. Office and software for online classes and recording lessons on the computer.

3.       Ability to speak, listen, write and read in one of Persian or Pashto languages

4.       Basic English language skills, but those who understand English more are preferred.

5.       Good attitude and the ability to establish a sincere relationship with the audience

6.       Committed to teamwork and group work

7.       Honest, inquisitive, curious and good mannered

Main responsibilities:

Management and supervisory:

1.       Every teacher must prepare a lesson plan and share it with the students after the approval of the head teacher; (The lesson plan format will be shared with teacher by project manager)

2.       To prepare a monitoring mechanism for the learning process and homework activities and share with head teacher;

3.       To participate in the teachers’ biweekly meetings and discuss their ideas, findings and suggestions for improvement in the meeting and share the result with the project manager so that it can be used to improve the teaching method.

Technical (pedagogical) department

1.     Teachers should build upon the pre-recorded video lessons which will be shared with the students by Google Classrooms; they should watch the videos daily prior to being shared with the students as a new lesson and answer the students’ questions that will be written under each video lesson in the comment section.

2.     Plan assignments in the form of homework, projects and activities based on the nature of the subject and the day’s lesson; and post new assignments into our Google Classrooms.

3.    Supervise the submission of assignments, mark them, and return them back to the student.

4.       Teachers in collaboration with the head teacher and project manager, design quizzes and tests in the google classroom for better assessment of students.

5.       He/she must make and share appropriate learning material by Google Classroom

6.     The teacher of each subject should use a variety of teaching methods in accordance with the subject and ensure that the students can learn the lessons well;

7.     To share the new material with the head teacher one week before posting it on the Google Classroom;

8.     To try to facilitate active teaching and learning as much as possible. (In addition to the video lessons which will be daily posted in the classrooms, he/she should consider exercises for students to actively participate in the learning process);

9.       Use PowerPoint and other methods in the course materials in addition to the recorded videos.

10.   Teachers should keep in mind to constantly work on strengthening his/her capacity to improve the quality and method of online courses.

Student evaluation

1.       The professor should use new evaluation methods and not rely on evaluation only through exams:

a.     The process of students' activities during lessons, such as questions and answers in groups, should be monitored and graded;

b.    Each semester should be divided into several sections and each section should have both a workshop and a mid-term exam quiz (otherwise, students will not be active during the lessons and will only study during the exam, which is a failed method)

c.     The head teacher is obliged to ensure that this method is implemented seriously and to provide necessary advice and guidance to the relevant teacher if needed

How to apply: 

Please send your CV along with a cover letter in below and submit before 27 September 2022. Please avoid sending any extra supporting document at this stage. 

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