Our Vision

To achieve equal access to quality education in Afghanistan by establishing an excellent education platform for students, teachers, schools, and institutions.

Our Mission

  1. Provide an online learning platform for students who are excluded from education, especially girls and women;
  2. Facilitate and widespread equal learning opportunities for Afghans, irrespective of where they live;
  3. Improve the quality of education by establishing an educational program based on international standards;
  4. Provide educational services in times of crisis;
  5. Build national and international partnerships for effective resource mobilization;
  6. Provide a platform for Afghan students to link with international opportunities, knowledge resources, and further education.

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Our Services

Personal Development Counselling and Training

Goal-setting, critical thinking, creativity, networking, time management, and effective communication are key important skills for...

EBA Online School

EBA’s Online School will provide excellent educational services in order to increase access to high quality education, in both stable and crisis situati

Global School

Empowering schools and teachers globally to educate children about the SDGs”. The Global Schools Program is an initiative led by the UN Sustainable

Vocational Training

EBA’s team is well aware of the global job market’s trends and demands. Nowadays, most jobs require technical skills and competencies rather than...

Teacher Training

EBA believes that ongoing professional development is a must for teachers. We firmly believe that good teachers not only teach others, but they are...

Language Courses

EBA believes that language proficiency is critical for all education, career and personal development. In addition, English proficiency is a key that...


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Afghan Girls Will not Give Up

"Despite all challenges imposed on Afghan women and girls, we will not give up"

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My wishes and goals

Exactly one year and a few months before today, I lost all my dreams and goals..

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A century ago, literacy only meant reading and writing!

A century ago, literacy only meant reading and writing. In those years...

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Our Supporters & Partners

  • Kateb Private High School
  • Council of private schools of the sixth educational district
  • MOVE e.V. Migranten omid verein
  • Momtaz Host