Education Bridge For Afghanistan

Provincial Focal Point

Date Posted: Wednesday, September 14, 2022 Vacancy Number: EBAVolunteer-034
Deadline: Saturday, December 31, 2022 Employment Type: Part Time
Vacacies: 34 Gender: Male / Female
Functional Area: Education Nationality: Afghanistani
Salary : This is a volunteer unpaid job Experience: At least one year of experience in social campaigns
Contract Duration : Six months Contract Type: Fixed term
Probation Period: 2 Months Job Location: 34 provinces of Afghanistan


EBA-Online School that provides free online educational services for Afghan female students and migrant learners, needs several volunteer colleagues who can voluntarily work with the EBA team for the better and effective management of educational services. These colleagues will work in the provinces as representatives/focal points of the online school of Education Bridge for Afghanistan. Therefore, this position suits the local residents of the provinces in which we need focal points.


1- graduated from grade 12 or a bachelor's degree

2- Familiarity with computer and the Internet

3- Understanding of and involvement in social media (Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn)

4- Familiarity with national languages ​​(familiarity with English is considered an advantage.)

Duties and responsibilities:

The focal points/representatives of the Education Bridge for Afghanistan generally have the following duties and responsibilities:

• Broadcasting and publishing advertisements and information about the #online_school_of_education_bridge _for_Afghanistan through social media and personal communication networks, social pages of schools, universities, and other possible means of communication.

• Providing information to students, teachers, influencers and people who are interested in the educational activities of the online education school.

• Cooperating in the Crowd Fundraising Campaign and communicating with businessmen and elders who have access to facilities and are interested in helping and cooperating at the provincial level to play a role for the children of Afghanistan.

• Participating in online meetings of planning for advocacy and social mobilisation to support girls' education services.

• Recording and sharing the opinions of the students, in the form of video, audio/voice and text, who talk about their educational goals and aspirations, the problems of education and the results and consequences of women and girls being deprived of education.

• Recording and sharing the opinions of students, religious scholars, journalists, civil activists and Afghan women in the form of videos and stories about the problems of educational services in general and girls' lack of access to educational services in particular, and their effects on the future of Afghan youth and the country.

• Cooperation in transferring, broadcasting and distributing course materials to those students who may not have access to internet services.

Conducting province-level social campaigns to defend girls' right to education and fight against illiteracy

How to apply: 

Please send your CV along with a cover letter in below and mention the name of province that you have applied to work for in the cover letter; submit your application before 20 September 2022. Please avoid sending any extra supporting document at this stage. Please do not send CVs to our email address because the CVs which are sent to the email address will not be considered.

  • Location : 34 provinces of Afghanistan
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