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Exactly one year and a few months before today, I lost all my dreams and goals..

My wishes and goals

  • Writer: Noorani Amiri
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  • Language: English

My wishes and goals

Exactly one year and a few months before today, I lost all my dreams and goals, I don't know where to start. The dreams that I had made for me with many years of hard work and effort with hope, I have lost because the doors of the schools were closed. The land was flattened I have been thinking about this for months, what will happen to me and thousands of Afghan girls?
I was suddenly angry and crying because there was no hope left.

I felt that I would never get out of this situation And little by little, the educational centers started to work again and I started to study again, although I had no hope, but our professors gave us the motivation to study and continue.
I wish to graduate from Afghanistan Bridge Education School with high grades and the encouragement of my family and dear teachers, and to be included in the scholarship of European countries so that I can continue my education in a

safe and peaceful environment that I need! And to be able to enter Afghanistan again one day with great successes and achievements.
And may my Afghanistan continue to be full of peace and tranquility, knowledge, knowledge, and great progress, away from war, hypocrisy, bigotry, and bloodshed.
Thank you professor

In the current situation, many problems threaten us all
1- Economic problems that Afghanistan is the first country in the world that lives below the poverty line.
2- The lack of a proper curriculum system has a very simple method, in 12 years it only introduces the student to reading and writing. When we graduate, many of us do not even have a proper knowledge of English and Pashto languages. To introduce the skills of writing, painting, art of expression, computer program, etc
3- Absence and lack of a teacher in the school, the only thing that really disappoints a student is the lack of a teacher.
 The usefulness of the EBA online school program
In the current situation when we are depressed, we spend our days and nights at home in a state of depression
1- Motivating enthusiasm and interest in learning again
2- Communication, we can communicate with other countries in this way
3- Scholarship, we can continue our studies outside of Afghanistan in European countries and it is a wonderful opportunity to progress.

Finally, I would like to express my special thanks to the EBA school team.
I hope I can graduate as a successful student and enter the world's great scholarships

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