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A century ago, literacy only meant reading and writing. In those years...

A century ago, literacy only meant reading and writing!

  • Writer: Fatemeh Rezaei
  • Category: EBA Online School
  • Language: English

A century ago, literacy only meant reading and writing. In those years, the progress of science and technology was slow. So much so that, in schools and educational centers, they taught the past sciences to the youth of that day and they could answer their problems and problems based on the past sciences and build themselves and their society. But less than forty years ago, literacy found a new definition. At that time, a literate person, in addition to the ability to work with a computer, also found up-to-date technologies. Today, the speed of the world's changes in science and arts has accelerated. According to the new definitions, the term graduation is removed and instead we have the term lifelong learning. It means that we all always need to learn new materials and abilities so that we can have a quality and appropriate life in a world that is full of new information and developments.
Fatemeh Rezaei
Eighth grade student

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