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As it is known to the whole world, Afghanistan is the first country whose girls are officially deprived of the right to education and this is not...

If a girl is deprived of education!

  • Writer: Rubina Azizi
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In the name of God, who said: Read in the name of the Lord who created the world.

As it is known to the whole world, Afghanistan is the first country whose girls are officially deprived of the right to education and this is not good news for the future of Afghan girls and the world. Everyone knows that if a girl is deprived of education, it is a big disaster. There will be misery in society. In the same way, if a woman gets an education, three successive generations of educated people are born, and if a man gets an education, only one generation can remain educated. So it is stupidity to stop girls from going to school because the new generation of Afghanistan is formed by these educated girls of a country.
I want to write as a dropout girl.
1: Existing problems for female students to continue their education in Afghanistan.
If God has said in the verse of Iqra, read in the name of the Lord who created the world, here is exactly the good point that the Lord of the worlds has mentioned, that is to read, it is not clearly stated what one should read. Here it is not said: You women should read, or you men should read Sunni, or Shia Muslim should read, or Jews should read, Christians should read, or Sikhs should read, only the interesting point here is to read.
We Muslims, who consider ourselves to be the true Muslims of the world and show so much adherence to God's commands, why today a Muslim girl cannot continue her education, this is a big question, if we consider ourselves to be among the true Muslims of the world who obey God's commands. So, where in the Qur'an is it written that women do not have the right to education, and today this is a disobedience to God's commandments.
I must say that the only challenge today is not studying and not going to school. We girls have nothing to do with politics or the system and we don't pay attention to these news. We just don't know which crime we are paying for and we are deprived of the good blessing of education.
Since the international community is in favor of continuing our education and they do not want Afghanistan to return to illiteracy and ignorance, we are also very worried about our future.
So we can say that the only challenge in our way of not going to school is using the name of women's right to education and work outside the home.
Maybe the story will be long to educate a big illiterate country.

2: Solving existing challenges.
In the event that no domestic organization or any public or ethnic group tried to open schools and just sat and watched how the girls of their country were heading towards misery, an organization called the online school would provide the opportunity for Afghan girls to continue their education. I will write about myself when one of my professors sent me the link of this program, I didn't wait for a few minutes and started researching about this organization, this organization called EBA wants to help girls who are left out of school, here is a There was hope that we would be held by the hand and stand up stronger again and continue our education. I think the only solution to the challenges of girls not going to school is for their families to hold their daughters' hands firmly at any moment and encourage them to go to school. Every opportunity in life can be used to our advantage, to teach their daughters so that they can study at home.
Study remotely, using available technology without any risk. And finally; Families are obliged to support their daughters and not leave them alone at this time.
Another issue that is expected from national and international capitalists is to build such educational sites and help girls, especially those who do not have access to technology and the Internet.

3: Students' wishes.
This very meaningful but painful part of my article will be the students' wishes, the question that all people in the world know the answer to without thinking.
But I want to emphasize it once more and remember the unfulfilled dreams of a large number of girls sitting at home and looking forward to good news from the Taliban government.
Yes, it's good news because we believe that until the doors of our school open, it will be the way to make us happy. They didn't let us go to school.
And until now, tears are flowing in our eyes and we miss the days when we went to school freely. But despite all the obstacles, we will not give up on our dreams and we are ready to go to school at any moment to go back to our good days.

4: Students' goals.
The goals of the students are to serve the society called Afghanistan.
So that all girls can enjoy their right to education and no girl will be deprived of the right that God has given her.
Every girl has her own unique and extraordinary talent that must be developed and developed and finally used for a new Afghanistan.
5: The benefits of online school in such conditions.
In such a situation and at a time when all girls need to hear good news, this school can play a good role in this field, it can give hope to girls so that you can use the internet and technology available to them to study your school at home and at home. Keep safe and secure.
On the one hand, this school can help to get acquainted with new technology, and on the other hand, to continue education in a safe and healthy way, so that the lives of girls are safe and they can continue their way without any hindrance.


As an Afghan girl and a girl who missed out on education, I am grateful to the organizers of this program and I wish you countless successes in serving the girls of our land.
I hope that with the prayers of all Afghan girls and boys, you will be successful in your work and that you will be able to make all Afghan girls happy around the world.

With respect :
Written by Rubina Azizi