Despite the Taliban being in power, the dream of Afghan girls is unattainable

  • Created : Wednesday, September 7, 2022
  • Writer: Sahar Hassan Zada
  • Category: EBA Online School
  • Language: English

Hello, I am Sahar Hassan Zada from Bamyan Afghanistan. I am 16 years old.

I think that my wish and all Afghan girl is not to be deprived of going to school. Currently, Afghan girls are not allowed to study and work. Despite the Taliban being in power, the dream of Afghan girls is very unattainable. As you all know, the Taliban do not allow girls to study.

The right to education is one of the basic human rights that we Afghan girls are deprived of, in the 21st century. Just when I was very hopeless, I was informed about EBA online school. I really appreciate those who established this school for Afghan girls.

My goal is to graduate from school and then enter to one of the best and most prestigious universities in the world. Thanks to EBA for providing us this opportunity to study our lessons online. My wish is to help Afghan girls one day, which are now under the severe restrictions of the Taliban. We Afghan girls also want to study and progress like all the girls in the world.

We must show the Taliban and all the ignorant people that support Taliban, that Afghan girls are not less than men. Hoping for a day when Afghanistan will be rid of the Taliban, and Afghanistan, our country be an independent, free and developed country.